Yam Suf 8

About the Project

Ramat Eshkol. A quiet, well-kept and sought-after neighborhood among hundreds of Anglo families. The construction is characterized by a restrained style, immersed in rich green with many public spaces.

The Plan

Bolstering and renewing the building while expanding the existing apartments, adding new rooms, elevators and a new lobby along with the addition of 10 new apartments on 2.5 new floors.

!Construction is complete

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Apartment Plans

Apartment 17, Floor 5 - sold
Apartment 18, Floor 5 - sold
Apartment 19, Floor 5 - sold
Apartment 20, Floor 5 - sold
Apartment 21, Floor 6 - sold
Apartment 22, Floor 6 - sold
Apartment 23, Floor 6-7 - sold
Apartment 24, Floor 6-7 - sold
Apartment 25, Floor 7 - sold
Apartment 26, Floor 7 - sold

Choose the very best neighborhood for your family!

Hitchadshut’s projects in Ramat Eshkol are in close proximity to educational institusions and preschools a short walking distance from parks and playgrounds and in close proximity to major commercial and recreational centers.


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