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The most upscale residential neighborhood in Jerusalem brings you a unique opportunity for a new spacious and luxurious apartment in the heart of Ramat Eshkol’s quiet and green streets. If you too love a high quality of life in the best and most beautiful area of Jerusalem


Our Projects

Yam Suf 8

Mevo Livna 2

Sheshet Hayamim 3

sheshet_hayamim 3

Sheshet Hayamim 5


The Apartments

Deluxe penthouses or 5-6 room apartments.

Bank Guarantee

Choose the very best neighborhood for your family!

Hitchadshut’s projects in Ramat Eshkol are in close proximity to educational institusions and preschools a short walking distance from parks and playgrounds and in close proximity to major commercial and recreational centers.


About Our Company

Hitchadshut is a real estate investment and development company specializing in residential projects. The company was founded and operates with the objective of making your house a home for life. Hitchadshut’s professional team will escort you throughout the project, beginning with the signing of the contract and until you have your keys in hand. Every detail, from the preliminary planning to finishing touches, is carried out with your satisfaction in mind, ensuring that you receive the very best!

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EXCLUSIVE BROKER: Elisheva Soloveitchik