Herzl 60

About the Project

Kiryat Moshe is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem, on its northern side it borders the Givat Shaul neighborhood and the entrance to Jerusalem, which makes it especially attractive, the neighborhood was originally planned as a garden neighborhood, but today its character has changed and it is more residential with the population living in the neighborhood mostly from the national religious stream.

The Plan

Bolstering and renewing the building while expanding the existing apartments, adding new rooms, elevators and a new lobby along with the addition of 6 new apartments on an additional 2.5 floors.

The project has recieved building permits!

Apartment Plans

Apartment 9
Apartment 10
Apartment 11
Apartment 12
Apartment 13
Apartment 14

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Hitchadshut’s projects in Ramat Eshkol are in close proximity to educational institusions and preschools a short walking distance from parks and playgrounds and in close proximity to major commercial and recreational centers.

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